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High-quality Garage Services in Portsmouth from your Local, Independent Ford Specialist

At D P Auto Repairs, we pride ourselves on being the envy of other local garages in the Portsmouth area. About to enter our tenth year of trading, we have been providing the residents of Portsmouth, Cosham, Southampton, Fareham, and beyond with the very best in garage services since we first opened our doors back in 2008. In that time, we have assisted thousands of domestic customers and commercial clients alike, delivering quality garage services repeatedly. In return, they have spread the word among their families, friends, and work colleagues, making countless recommendations about the quality of our work and the professionalism of our staff. Is it any wonder that we are considered a name to be trusted among local garages in the area?

D P Auto Repairs
Local & family run with over 75 years combined Ford experience.

Always a fully Qualified and certificated technician will work on YOUR vehicle.

What are garage services?

An excellent question. Simply put, they are anything you would expect from any well-run local garages, that fall outside the general remit of car repairs, servicing, and diagnostics. As you can imagine, this covers a lot of ground. As a rule of thumb, if it involves your car, it’s probably something we can do: just give us a quick call to confirm. In the meantime, here are some of our more popular garage services among our Portsmouth, Cosham, Southampton, and Fareham customers.

D.P Auto Repairs

MOT checks

An essential part of the well-being of your car, MOT checks need to be performed by a suitably qualified and accredited technician.

At D P Auto, we have plenty of them on staff, and can normally perform full MOT with a fast turnaround.

D.P Auto Repairs

Pre-journey checks

Are you about to embark on a long journey? Perhaps you’re moving to University on the other side of the country, planning a self-drive travel experience across Europe, or simply visiting loved ones who live hundreds of miles away. Worried whether your car will make it? A pre-journey check might be just the thing for you. Less detailed than an MOT check or a car diagnostic, a pre-journey check gives you peace of mind that your car is not going to have a breakdown halfway down the motorway.

Over fifty years’ experience in garage services

When you bring your car into D P Auto Repairs, you’re not just getting the benefit of our ten years as the region’s top independent Ford specialist – oh, no. You’re also benefiting from the wealth of personal, hands-on experience that our team of experts brings to each job. With over fifty years in the business between them, you know that your garage services are being performed by well-trained, well-qualified, and well-experienced individuals, every time.

Your local family run garage services specialists

Based in Portsmouth, D P auto Repairs boasts over 75 years combined Ford experience – we are a local firm, proud of our links to the local community.

With clients bringing their cars in from Portsmouth itself, as well as from nearby Cosham, Southampton, Fareham, and other places further afield, it feels good to be able to help local drivers with whatever garage services they require.


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