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Professional car diagnostics in Portsmouth from your local independent Ford specialist

Since 2008, we have been performing car diagnostics checks from our garage in Portsmouth, using genuine Ford manufacturers diagnostic equipment only, which produces vehicle specific diagnostic routines, providing a much needed service to residents of the city and beyond. An often-overlooked aspect of your vehicle’s regular maintenance regime, we treat every car diagnostics check with the importance it deserves, ensuring a thorough check and report to spot potential issues in the future.

Our technicians are all fully qualified and certificated Ford specialists so your car is in expert hands at all times.

Why is a car diagnostic test so important?

Just like a regular check up with your GP is a good way to maintain your health, so to do regular car diagnostics checks ensure the continued health of your vehicle. A thorough car diagnostics check can help to spot potential problems with your vehicle while they can still be averted, rather than waiting for that part of the system to break down and require a repair.

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How does a car diagnostic test work?

These days pretty much every car that rolls off the production line has a sophisticated computer at its heart, connected to its various components. In a car diagnostics check, specialised tools are used to tap into that computer and take readings of those same components. These tools produce a read-out of the various parts of the car as relayed to the main computer, from which can be determined the cause of the fault.

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What can a car diagnostic check diagnose?

Car diagnostic tests are used to determine issues with your car’s transmission, brakes, exhaust system, engine, and other major components.

It also provides feedback on things like your car’s fuel injectors, throttle, ignition coils, coolant, and air flow among others.

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What happens next?

One of the more common misconceptions about car diagnostic checks is that they generate some sort of code that our mechanics can read that will determine a problem or fault with the vehicle with unswerving accuracy. In truth, what it tells us is what specific components of your car have fallen out of the standard performance range. Essentially this tells us that something is wrong, and points us in the general direction. It is up to our experienced team of mechanics and technicians to work out what the underlying cause of the negative reading might be.

How often should I have a car diagnostic check?

There are two answers to this. First, you should certainly bring your vehicle in for a car diagnostic check if the Check Engine light triggers, and if something feels off about the car’s performance that you can’t immediately place. Assuming things are running smoothly, however, we recommend a car diagnostic check at least once per year. This will allow us to spot any minor problems with the vehicle that might otherwise go unnoticed, and prevent them from becoming major problems that need significant repairs.

Portsmouth’s local family run independent Ford car diagnostics specialists

Based in Portsmouth, D P Auto Repairs is proud of our association with this beautiful port city. With over 75 years combined Ford experience we are the area’s foremast independent Ford specialists, dealing with customers from across the city, as well as surrounding areas like Cosham, Southampton, and Fareham.

Always a fully Qualified and certificated technician will work on YOUR vehicle.


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