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Here at D P Auto Repairs, we specialise in a full range of car electric services to ensure our customers in Portsmouth, Cosham, Fareham Southampton and beyond can keep their vehicles running without issue.

Working out of our Portsmouth-based garage, we undertake a full range of car electric repairs, replacements and installations for the local community. Our team provide specialist care for a range of vehicle models, including Ford, ensuring that no matter the issue, our decades of experience as trusted mechanics guarantee we can resolve the issue.

Car Electric Repairs in Portsmouth and Surrounding Areas

Car electrics play an important role – whether to increase performance, improve safety or simply for added convenience.

As specialists, we have the expertise to undertake work for the following services:

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D.P Auto Repairs

Airbag Repairs

As a vital safety feature in modern vehicles, it is crucial that airbags are always kept in working order.

Whether you require repairs or replacements for your airbags, we have the expertise to undertake the work.

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D.P Auto Repairs

Warning Lights

Designed to bring attention to a fault with the vehicle, warning lights are essential for catching potential issues early. If your warning light is highlighting a problem with your car, our team will identify and resolve the issue.

D.P Auto Repairs

Engine Management

Proper engine management is essential for ensuring optimum efficiency and overall performance. However, as vital components, engines can be susceptible to several issues. As fully qualified mechanics, we have the expertise to diagnose and resolve any engine problem in a fast and efficient manner.

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D.P Auto Repairs

Automatic Braking Systems

A common feature with many modern vehicles, automatic braking systems are often part of a wider advanced driver assistant system. This system features various aspects, such as lights and sensors, that are often highly susceptible to damage. If your automatic braking system is damaged and requires repairs, our team have the expertise to undertake the work and ensure your vehicle remains safe for the road.

adblue-diesel-exhaust-fluid-fuel-tank-cap-diesel-exhaust-fluid-def-fuel-tank-cap (1)
D.P Auto Repairs

AdBlue Issues

A diesel exhaust fluid designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, AdBlue is a popular option for helping with emission control.

While vital for controlling the amount of nitrogen oxide emitted, issues, such as contamination or incorrect fluid. As specialists in car electrics, we have expert knowledge in a range of emission control solutions, including AdBlue.

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D.P Auto Repairs

Software Updates

Whether to enhance security, improve performance or add new features, software updates are vital, particularly with electric vehicles. While most updates should happen automatically, if you have an issue, the team at D P Auto Repairs is always happy to help.

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D.P Auto Repairs

Speed Limiters

Designed to control the maximum speed a vehicle can travel, speed limiters offer several benefits to drivers, including helping reduce accidents, monitoring behaviour and preserving battery power. So whether you are looking to install speed limiters in your vehicle or having issues with your current ones, we have the expertise to help.

Your Local Independent Ford Car Service and Repair Specialists

D P Auto Repairs is based in Portsmouth, where we are one of the region’s top independent Ford specialists. We deal with customers throughout the city, including neighbouring Cosham, Southampton and Fareham.


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