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Professional DPF Cleaning in Portsmouth from your Local, Independent Ford Specialist

Here at D P Auto Repairs, we provide quality DPF cleaning services to diesel owners throughout Portsmouth, Cosham, Southampton, Fareham, and beyond. Using state-of-the-art DPF cleaning equipment, we deliver a service that is second to none across the region, unlike many of our competitors all work on your vehicle is carried out on site. If you’re a diesel user, be sure to make D P Auto Repairs your one-stop solution for this critical aspect of your car’s maintenance.

D P Auto Repairs – local & family run with over 75 years combined Ford experience.

What is DPF?

If you drive a diesel vehicle, then the odds are good that you are driving around with a Diesel Particulate Filter installed, whether you know it or not. This filter, often abbreviated to DPF, is an essential part of any diesel vehicle. Comparable to a catalytic converter in petrol engines, it collects and contains the soot that is a by-product of a working diesel engine. This makes your emissions cleaner and more environmentally friendly and the DPF is installed as standard in most modern diesel engines.

D.P Auto Repairs

When does my car need DPF cleaning?

As with any filter, your DPF can get clogged up over time simply through regular use. When this happens, it can cause serious issues with your car’s overall performance and particularly its emissions. Some cars will have a DPF warning light, which is a clear sign that a thorough DPF cleaning is in order, but some older models do not. If you find that you’re experiencing loss of power, poor fuel economy, or that your cooling fans appear to be running more than normal, you may need to consider a DPF cleaning.

D.P Auto Repairs

What is the alternative?

The only real alternative to a DPF cleaning is to install a whole new filter.

Since this can easily run into thousands of pounds to do so, simply cleaning the filter is a preferred choice in almost every case.

Why choose D P Auto Repairs for my DPF cleaning?

Aside from our promise of a same-day turnaround, we have recently invested in a £7500 state-of-the-art DPF cleaning machine that produces impeccable results. Why take the chance with another garage using off-the-shelf cleaning products, when you have a fast, reliable, and effective alternative practically on your doorstep?

Always a fully qualified and certificated technician will work on YOUR vehicle.

Guaranteed service

Our DPF cleaning service is performed at a fixed rate – the price you see is the price you pay. Likewise, any filter that we clean is guaranteed to work once we replace it in your vehicle. In the unlikely event that we are unable to clean the filter due to too much corrosion or blockage, we will knock the price of your DPF cleaning off any replacement filter you need to have installed.

Your choice of service options

You can bring your car to us and will remove, clean, and replace the DPF within the same day – guaranteed. Alternatively, you can remove the DPF yourself, bring it to the garage, and we will have it cleaned up for you within two hours. If time isn’t a major concern for you, you can remove the filter and send it in to us. We will perform the same high standard of DPF cleaning, and return it to you within three working days.

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For all your DPF cleaning needs in Portsmouth, Cosham, Fareham, Southampton and beyond, call D P Auto Repairs today.

With over 75 years combined Ford experience here at D P Auto Repairs, we are one of the region’s top independent Ford specialists.

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