Professional Car Repairs and Car Servicing in Cosham

At D P Auto Repairs, we have been trading from our Portsmouth garage for over ten years. Since 2008, we have been delivering essential car diagnostics, car repairs, and garage services to the people of Cosham, providing a high standard of service and professionalism that no other garage in the area can hope to match.

D P Auto Repairs

Local & family run with over 75 years combined Ford experience. As Ford Specialists, we ensure only fully qualified and certificated technicians work on your vehicle.

What we can do for you

We have plenty to offer our Cosham customers. Whether it’s DPF cleaning or car diagnostics, car repairs or car services, we’re on hand to help you out.

Car Repairs in Cosham

As the best independent Ford specialists currently servicing the Cosham area, we are confident that our team of experienced mechanics will be able to fix any fault that you currently have with your care. Of course, it’s not just Ford cars that we deal with: we’re just as well-practised performing car repairs on any make or model.

Car Servicing in Cosham

While fixing what’s wrong with your car is important, it’s just as vital to make sure everything is in full working order, to catch possible defects before they occur. D P Auto Repairs delivers a complete, end-to-end car service to give our Cosham customers peace of mind.

Car Diagnostics in Cosham

Your car’s onboard computer is hooked up to pretty much every element of the vehicle.

Using the latest car diagnostics equipment, we can run a series of test through it to give us a picture of the current health of your car’s internal system, and if there are any problems lurking on the horizon.

DPF Cleaning in Cosham

If you run a diesel car, the chances are good that you will require this service sooner or later. DPF cleaning is essential maintenance for most modern diesel vehicles, as they utilise a Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) as part of their car’s exhaust system. This filter traps soot and other contaminants, helping to reduce the harmful emissions from your diesel engine. Periodically, this filter needs to be cleaned to ensure continued use. With a state of the art DPF cleaning machine on site, D P Auto Repairs is the natural place for Cosham residents to go for such a service.

Car Garage in Cosham

Our team of highly-trained mechanics and car service technicians perform several other garages services, beside those already mentioned. This can include MOT checks, pre-journey checks for long trips, and wheel alignments, among many other auxiliary services.

Car Electrics in Cosham

An essential component of vehicle safety and performance, car electrics play a vital role in day-to-day functioning. Our team are fully qualified to undertake car electrics services, including installations, repairs and replacements for customers throughout Cosham.

Why Choose Us

D P Auto Repairs boast over 75 years combined Ford experience. We are your local, family run Ford Specialists and welcome clients from Cosham and across the South East.  Whether your car needs an interim service, a full car service, car repair work, diagnostics or your DPF Cleaning, with our fully qualified and certified technicians we are your one stop shop.

Your local independent Ford car service and repair specialists

D P Auto Repairs is based in Portsmouth, something that makes us very proud. We have been serving the people of the area – including those in Cosham – with the very best in car services, as befits the region’s foremost independent Ford specialists.


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