Professional Car Repairs and Car Servicing in Portsmouth

Here at D P Auto Repairs, we’re proud to come from Portsmouth. As company, we have been trading in the city for almost a decade, providing the people of the area with essential car repairs, car diagnostics, car services, and other garage services. We work to the highest possible standards, delivering a professional service to every one of our valued customers.

D P Auto Repairs

D P Auto Repairs Local & family run with over 75 years combined Ford experience. As Ford Specialists, we ensure only fully qualified and certificated technicians work on your vehicle.

What we can do for you

As Portsmouth’s foremost car repair specialists, we are experts in every from car services and repairs to car diagnostics and general garage services (including DPF cleaning). Check below for more information.

Car Repairs in Portsmouth

While we have been trading in Portsmouth since 2008, our team of mechanics and technicians have over 50 years of experience in the car repairs trade between them. What this means to our customers is that there is a lifetime of combined expertise at hand to fix whatever problem is currently ailing their vehicle.

Car Servicing in Portsmouth

As the city of Portsmouth’s top independent Ford specialists, our team of experts have both the knowledge and the experience to perform car services at the very highest level. Of course, we don’t just handle Ford: whatever make and model you’re driving, we will ensure it is in tip top condition.

Car Diagnostics in Portsmouth

A car diagnostics check is essential to the well-being of your vehicle, telling us – as it does – a great deal about what’s going on under that hood. With specialist equipment hooked up to your car’s internal computer, we can get detailed readouts of practically everything and, from there, determine if there are any immediate concerns.

DPF Cleaning in Portsmouth

DPF cleaning is vital to the efficient running of a modern diesel engine. Inside your exhaust system a Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) sifts out certain contaminants that would otherwise be expelled into the atmosphere as part of the car’s emissions. Over time this gets clogged and requires DPF cleaning. At D P Auto, we have a state-of-the-art DPF cleaning machine that does the job perfectly, every time – guaranteed.

Garage Services in Portsmouth

Whether you need an MOT check, your wheels realigned, or a host of other garage service, our Portsmouth clients can get it all at D P Auto Repairs.

Car Electrics in Portsmouth

Consisting of the electrical components and systems which make up a vehicle, car electrics are essential for ensuring day-to-day functioning. If your vehicle requires car electric services, such as installations, repairs or replacements, in Portsmouth, we can help. Our service covers everything from airbags and warning lights to software updates and speed limiters.

Why Choose Us

With over 75 years combined Ford experience, D P Auto Repairs is your local, family run Ford Specialists welcoming clients from Portsmouth and across the South East.  Whether you need an interim service, full car servicing, car repairs, diagnostics or DPF Cleaning, with our fully qualified and certified technicians we are your one stop shop.

Your local independent Ford car service and repair specialists

Having been trading in the city for over a decade, D P Auto Repairs proud of its long-term association with Portsmouth and its people. As the city’s top independent Ford specialists, we have helped thousands of satisfied customers up and down the region.


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As Portsmouth’s premier independent Ford specialists, we are on call for all your car diagnostics, car repairs, and car services, whatever the make and model.

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